Unique Art Dolls and soft sculpture

Unique Art Dolls and soft sculpture

Unique Art Dolls and soft sculptureUnique Art Dolls and soft sculptureUnique Art Dolls and soft sculpture

Curious Creations


About Nightmare Doll

Thank you for checking in! 

I am Sue (the hands behind the curtain) a former Corporate Executive and now a full time creator of art in many forms (when I'm not on twitter sharing my opinions).

My particular passions ( after my dogs) are Fibre Art, and Doll-Making, as they each afford me the opportunity to use many separate creative skills toward one final result.

Each piece takes on a life of its own during the creation process, and often ends up as something I hadn't intended at all, and even more often, ends up creepy.

Please get in touch if you want to adopt or commission a creature, or just to let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!

I am also on Facebook and Twitter and I am not for the feint of mouth.


PS: Check out my husbands art at  https://www.claydaddy.ART

Available For Adoption



Layla is a child of the 60s and represents everything we feel about that time in history.  She sits on a comfortable hand which is collaged with 60's Icons and, as she should, she holds the world in her hands.

(obviously it's me, Duh)

Totally poseable with internal armature and hand beaded throughout. 8" X 6"

Nosferatu the Vampyre


Nosferatu (or Rudy Giuliani you decide).

14" tall and entirely poseable with an internal armature.


Miss Havisham


After being jilted at the altar , Miss Havisham remained alone in her decaying mansion, never removing her wedding dress, She even had the clocks in her mansion stopped at  the exact time when she was to be married.  

 All this, for years, for a man. 

Total nutcase.

20" tall and totally poseable with an internal armature

Granny Lucy Lastic


From the triple nature of a coven (maiden, mother, and crone), she embodies all three. Although the crone is the most obvious, the maiden is strong with this one.

Witches are not by nature gregarious and they don't have leaders, but Lucy Lastic is the most highly-regarded of the leaders they don't have



Frankenbeerglass or Ron Perlman, You decide


14" tall and entirely poseable with internal armature



Never mentioned in any of the OZ books?

Tynboi is the result of the Tinman needing a heart, and Dorothy giving him one.

He is reborn from a discarded doll and he is  5 pounds and  20" long. Takes teddy ( the mechanic) everywhere.

Interesting Stuff ( to me at least)

At Alice Coopers Request

Alice Cooper Doll

8" tall Alice Cooper.

This little guy was the prototype for 14 more "Alices" that were commissioned by Alice Cooper himself ( to be given as gifts).

Rumplestiltskin In The News


A Nightmare Doll Art Doll creation was featured in Art Doll Quarterly. I have also been Commissioned by Alice Cooper to create multiple Alice effigies.  My "Creations" include anything I find scary or creepy and often I will make reborn dolls from discarded thrift store finds.

Latest Frankenbaby

Steampunk Tin boy Doll Reborn

My little steampunk Tynboi.

Totally reborn baby doll, weighing in at a healthy 5 pounds.  

He carries his special teddy (Bob, the mechanic) everywhere

Old And Sold

Little Alice


Created at the request of Alice Cooper, together with 14 more individual one-of-a-kind Alices!



First ever collaboration with Claydaddy.ART.  He wont be sold. Ever.

Scary Poppins


Now Living in Hollywood with Tim Burton.

Marie Laveau


Created from a discarded childs doll, she now lives in New Orleans.

Granny Weatherwax


Still wearing her Laboutin boots i hope. Sadly missed.



He was sure to take his much loved Teddy when he left.

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Nightmare Doll

Phoenix, AZ